Energy Management Committee Training


Date: 6th and 7th April 2021.
Cost: KES 20,000+VAT

The Solar Hot Water Training equips learners with skills and expertise needed to enhance their career is Solar Hot Water to become competent and reliable technicians.




The Energy management Committee Training equips the persons tasked with energy management within an organization (both technical and non-technical) with the knowledge and skills needed to reduce energy cost, improve production and protect the environment and become compliant with the energy regulation.

Knowledge in energy, sources, availability and use.
Knowledge and skills required in operations and management of an organization to minimize energy costs, improve productivity and reinforce environmental responsibility.
Technical as well as financial skills in energy management to help in development and implementation of energy management projects.
Ability to carry out research to keep up with the best practices in the industry

Key learning outcomes

  • Awareness on energy conservation and it’s impact
  • Develop own energy policies
  • Good report writing skills
  • Collecting and analyzing energy data
  • Good communication skills on energy management
  • Good research skills
  • Comply with the regulator

Course structure

  • Overview and Role of the energy committee
  • Formation of the energy committee and terms of reference
  • Goal setting for the energy management implementation
  • Setting up the framework for documentation of the energy audit/implementation report
  • Review and updating the energy management policy
  • Evaluation of energy management status against compliance requirements
  • Establishment of the progress of the energy audit or implementation report
  • Development of the activity planning toward achievement of the compliance certificate
  • Energy monitoring and data collection: Manual and automated options
  • Analysis of gathered energy data
  • Reporting energy information for action
  • Advanced energy measurement and verification using software
  • Optimizing Energy monitoring: action plan to implementation for 3 years
  • Communication 101 for the energy committee
  • Environmental Impact
  • Review of highlights of the training

2 days

Certificate of Participation